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Your First Visit

We're located at Unit 1, 229a Hyde End Road, Spencers Wood, Reading, RG7 1BU.

You can see our location and get directions here.

As you turn into the entrance you will see a building which is some flats. There is parking before the flats which you can park in and walk through the tunnel or you can drive through the tunnel and park.


When you get to the door on the right hand side please press number 1 and wait for us to let you in.   Please arrive at the time of your appointment because we only have a very small waiting area.


Initial Assessment & Diagnosis

21st Century clinic is a multi disciplinary clinic where our practitioners cover a number of different treatment techniques. However, all practitioners will need to conduct an individually tailored assessment where we will ask about your current complaint, medical history (including medication history), general health and lifestyle.

The practitioner may need to examine you and perform some clinical tests to try to determine a working diagnosis for your current complaint. This will enable us to provide the most appropriate treatment plan and any appropriate after care advice. This may involve undressing (gowns can be provided) but please feel free to bring shorts (particularly for knee/ankle injuries) or a vest (for shoulder or neck problems) if it will make you feel more comfortable. After the initial assessment if both practitioner and patient are happy a treatment program will begin.

Referrals and Next Steps

At 21st Century Clinic we work as a multi disciplinary team to provide the best healthcare for every patient. This may involve the option of cross referral within the clinic after discussion with both patient and practitioner.

After your treatment you will be re booked for an appropriately timed follow up, convenient to you. The clinic will always be available to give after care advice and answer any questions in between your appointments.

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