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Diabetes and feet?

I know what you’re thinking – diabetes – that’s to do with sugar right how has that gone anything to do with feet – the answer….. EVERYTHING!

Diabetes may affect your feet in a number of ways and in some cases can lead to serious complications. One of the early changes can be loss of sensation in your feet, often starting with the toes. This may be gradual and go unnoticed which is why it is important that you receive an annual foot assessment with a Podiatrist. When the nerves are affected other changes may follow. Your toes may begin to claw and the bones in your feet can become more susceptible to fracture.

Thursday 14th November was World Diabetes Day. November 14th is a significant date in the diabetes calendar because it marks the birthday of the man who co-discovered insulin, Frederick Banting in 1922. World Diabetes Day is internationally recognised and is now an official United Nations Day. This year the topic is education and prevention.

Are you diabetic or know anyone who is diabetic?

Did you know everyone with diabetes should get a foot check by a qualified podiatrist every year? Here is some simple day to day advice for those with diabetes on how to look after their feet:

Simple Day to day Advice for Diabetic footcare – Always check your feet every day looking for any colour changes or damage to the skin. If you see anything unusual contact your podiatrist – Clean and dress any cuts or scratches as diabetes can affect your ability to heal and reduce your natural ability to fight infection – Don’t go barefoot as you may have lost some feeling in your feet and it may be possible you may unknowingly damage them – Always ensure your shoes fit well – Never sit with your feet too close to a fire – If you have corns and callus get these removed by a podiatrist as they can lead to ulceration if left untreated – Don’t be tempted to use corn plasters


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