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Osteopathy Treatment during Pregnancy

How can osteopathy help during pregnancy

Osteopathy specialises in identifying and treating mechanical dysfunctions within the body resulting from stress and postural imbalances.

Lower back and pelvic pain is very common during pregnancy due to changes in spinal curves and increased ligamentous laxity as the foetus grows. This weakens the abdominal muscles and puts a lot of strain on your lower back and pelvis.

Pain radiation and tingling can also be experienced in the buttocks and thighs which may indicate irritation of the nerves originating from the lumbar spine.

Osteopathy treatment could help during pregnancy, there are a number of treatment modalities Osteopaths can use including:

  • joint articulations and manipulations to restore movement and balance within spinal and peripheral joints

  • soft tissue release

  • cranial osteopathy

  • strengthening and stretching advice

  • kinesio taping

If you are unsure whether one of our Osteopaths could help you, phone our Reading based clinic and we can advise you!


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